Especially in light of Google’s recent update, even more emphasis is being put on quality on-page content.  Making sure that your website’s text follows the rules in the article found here will be a key factor in having Google and other search engines rank your site higher.  It appears that Google is changing their search algorithm with hope that they can reduce artificial link creation to improve search engine optimization or SEO.

What are your options?

  • Hire a copywriter with experience in creating content for websites and online marketing
  • Hire a web marketing firm that focuses on high quality content creation
  • Follow the guidance in this article to do it yourself

Getting your content exactly right on your site so that the search engines pick rank it highly can be a full time job for multiple people (and is at some organizations).  Walking the fine line between too much and not enough time spent on your website can be a challenge.  You will have to decide if using an outside firm or individual or using your own internal resources is going to be the best route to take.