Google’s Penguin and Panda updates have sent SEO companies scrambling back to the drawing board.  Some website rankings have dropped based on the algorithm changes.  Google has sent emails warning of potential punishment for so called over-optimization. The bottom line is that SEO companies will continue to make adjustments for the changes that Google makes.  Google and other search engines want to make certain that when people search for a product or service, they get valid results that they can use.  By continuing to adjust the criteria that they use for search results, Google makes SEO even more important.  It seems that their plan to reduce optimization may backfire and drive more people to qualified SEO providers that have a multi-pronged approach to getting top rankings for their clients.

What should you do?

Consider the following questions:

  • How will being on page 1 of Google’s search results help your business?
  • How much time, energy, and effort do you have to devote to online marketing and SEO?
  • What can you do on your own to stay on the cutting edge of the changes that Google will make?
  • Why is important for your competitors to be on page 1 of Google?
  • Would you benefit from professional help with your web marketing strategy?

Some business owners feel that they can handle all of their marketing needs in-house.  That may have been true years ago.  There may even be a few companies that have had the good fortune to find a tech-savvy employee that does a pretty good job of web marketing.  The big challenge is that Google will continue to make changes.  Will one or two people be able to keep up with the changes and then react with a quick implementation strategy?  Maybe some businesses will come out on top with their marketing without professional SEO help, but most will need an online marketing company with a proven overall strategy to get their websites to the top.

Consider the heating  and air conditioning system in your building.  Chances are that if it breaks down, you are not going to say, “I can fix that.”  You are going to search Google for “heating and air conditioning repair”, call someone on the first page, and find out how quickly that a service tech can be at your facility.  The same should  be true of SEO.  If you are not getting the results that you want, find a qualified online marketing specialist.  Let them know that your SEO is broken and you need their help to fix it.  Then, focus on your core business where you are the expert.

Some companies are doing some very good things that help their SEO.  They blog, tweet, update Facebook, and post in other online forums.  Even those companies need help with an over-arching strategy that puts their various efforts to work in the best way possible.  One medical professional did a great job of writing articles, posting in various places online, and using social media.  His business did not really take off until he secured a professional SEO company to refine his approach.  Working together, they were able to make him the dominant player in his market.

Do you want to be an industry leader and the dominant player in your market?  Maybe the time is right for you to find a qualified online marketing company that can get your business on top.

BJ Farish is an online marketing specialist for MoveUp Web Marketing.