• Social Media and the Stock Market

    Interesting article about the impact of social media on Wall Street.  Charles Biderman compares the social media revolution to landmark breakthroughs in technology including electricity, television, and the personal computer.  Biderman even suggests that because quick and efficient communication allows us to communicate coast to […]

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  • Five Tips to Optimize Video for SEO

    More business owners are integrating video on their website.  They recognize the SEO value that video can bring to their site when done properly.  Click here for five tips on improving the SEO value of your video content.

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  • How Social Media is Influencing the Way You Buy

    Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, and more seem to be everywhere.  When was the last time you heard or saw the words “Like Us on Facebook”?  Whether you realize it or not, social media is playing a part in what restaurants you eat at, movies you […]

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