• Facebook Privacy Policies: Changing Again?

    As happens every couple of months (or so it seems), Facebook and its privacy policies are in the news again.  Are you concerned about who can access all of your deepest darkest secrets in the online world?  If so, you need to go on Facebook’s […]

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  • Is Your Site Over Optimized with SEO?

    Are you using white text on a white background to get that little extra SEO boost?  If you are (most people aren’t these days), it may be time to reconsider your online marketing strategy.  Google has threatened penalties for sites that are over optimized.  What […]

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  • SEO is Changing How and What We Write

    Writing engaging copy that will capture a customer’s imagination is a key component of marketing.  SEO has changed the way that marketers write.  Instead of focusing content specifically on the customer, now writers have to include SEO friendly information so that Google and other search […]

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